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Will's Test Account -
please don't switch templates in this account

Base template:

Custom responsive 2 column (C,N)

Current template:  Sport & Recreation > Sunny Beach

160513 Back to Custom responsive 2 column (C,N)

Sport & Recreation > Mountain Trails Stripe

Custom 2 col N.C responsive >>

Custom 2 col N.C non-responsive >>


 Marketing responsive

170222 1720 from Marketing Responsive to Brushes (3 col responsive)

170227 1520 changed from Brushes 3 col responsive to Just Letters Mike's favorite starting point

1703012 1607 switched from Just Letters back to Brushes (3 col responsive) for structure

170326 1751 switched to 3 col NCE for

170327 2234 switched to Decoratng Fun for

170424 2140 switch to Dandelion for

170511 2121 switched to Namaste - NO

170524 1649 - switched to Custom 3 col NCE

180226 was Brushes 3 col responsive switched to Cooking Time

180424 was Cooking time switched to Mugs 3 col responsive, then brushes

180501 changed to Just Letters

Was Dog Days

Glass of Wine

1.  Popup image gallery - Click the thumbnails

Popup image gallery

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2.  Accordion gallery code

First heading block

First Reminder Box

Second heading block

Second reminder box

Third h3 block

Reminder box

Background-color changes according to device

0-447px smartphone - mistyrose

448px - 768px tablet - lightyellow

769px to 2000px desktop - aquamarine

iPad portrait is 768px wide by 1024px high

iPhone 6 Plus is 414px by 736px

iPhone 6 is 375px by 627px

iPhone 5 is 320px by 568px

iPhone 4 is 320px by 480px